FanPharma offer botanical extracts (berry extract series, panax ginseng extract, resveratrol, green tea extract and rosemary leaf extract) and natural vitamin e, amino acids. We serve customers of nutraceutical, food & beverage as well as personal care & cosmetic industries.

Welcome to FanPharma – the Premium Natural Ingredients Supplier for Nutraceutical and Food industries

Berry’s Pure (Berry Extracts Serie), Monomers & plant-derived Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Standardized Extracts

Access  top quality ingredients from premium Natural Ingredients Supplier
FanPharma is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of premium natural ingredients in the world.
Our product line includes Berry’s Pure (Berry Extracts Series), Apple Extract Series, Ginseng Extract Series quintozene-free (the pesticide free extracts powder for use in US, Canada and Europe markets).
Founded on 2010, the company is established to meet global demand for high quality and innovative ingredients in food & beverage, dietary supplement & nutrition, cosmetic & personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Speciality by Focusing
At FanPharma, natural is our business.
We are committed to developing the finest natural ingredients for our customers. Now this company is supplying more than 300 active ingredients and standardized botanical extracts to the global customers.

Backed by Tradition and Science
China, as well as Europe and America, has thousands of years of herbal drug history. We produce and purify these ingredients which are recognized safe and having therapeutic properties.
Backed with our experienced and hard working staffs, and also close cooperation with Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Zhangjiang Medicine Valley, the company has gained extensive experience in identification, purification and microencapsulation of vast active ingredients of botanical derived.

We always supply our customers with safe to use ingredients (low pesticide residue, heavy metal and solvent residue). FanPharma set strict requirements in the whole manufacturing, from raw material growing and sourcing to the extracting and inspection of finished extract powder.
CO2 supercritical extraction, water only as the solvent and several other technologies are applied in some ingredients to meet increasingly stringent requirements in global food and nutrition industries.

Our quality standards and manufacturing facility meet the regulations applied to functional food and health products (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points standard (HACCP)). Kosher and Halal certifications are applied for the products. The clean production is supported, non-irridiation treatment needed. Steam sterilization is applied if required.
All pharmaceutical grade ingredients are produced in GMP compliant and GMP certified facilities.

Company Profile

Company name: Shanghai FanPharma Co.,Ltd.
Global headquarters: Shanghai, China
Founded: 2010
President: Michelle Zhang
Director of Sales and Marketing: Jacob Yu

Food – Food & Beverage
Nuctroceutical – Nutrition & Health
Cosmetics – Personal Care & Cosmetics

Main Sales Network
North America: United States, Canada
South America: Brazil, Chile
Australia and Oceania: Australia
Europe: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria
Asian: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

Available Products

  • Plant Extracts: standardized extracts, purified active ingredients, ratio extracts, natural carotene
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Fruit and Vegetable Powder
  • Micro-encapsulation Active Ingredients