Welcome to FanPharma, the global supplier in delivering innovative ingredients and customized processing technologies for our valued nutraceutical and functional food industry customers.

Company Introduction

FanPharma is the innovative ingredient supplier and service provider for manufacturers in section of pharmaceutical (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) nutraceutical, functional food and personal care products.

Our quality standards and manufacturing facility meet the regulations applied to functional food and beverage products (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points standard (HACCP)). Kosher and Halal certifications are applied for the products. The clean label production is supported. All the production are under clean room conditions, guranteed of non-irridiation status from raw material to finished products. Steam sterilization is applied if required.

The nutraceutical ingredients and all pharmaceutical grade ingredients are produced in GMP compliant and GMP certified facilities.


Does the idea of working globally with first-class team and customers appear to you?
If so, you should consider joining with us!

We are searching for candidates that are motivated to join a dynamic, demanding and competitive team.
Regardless of whether you have an advanced academic degree, we will be most impressed by your professional performance, your willingness to work hard and your ability to interact well with people.

We believe everyone has his own specialty. And we are supplying numerous career opportunities in China as well as internationally.

■ Pharmacist
■ Formulator
■ Chemical Engineer
■ Biologist
■ Traditional Chinese Pharmacist
■ Laboratory
■ Purification Technologist
■ Process Technology Engineer
■ Supercritical Extraction Operator
■ Marketing
■ Purchasing
■ IT technician
■ International Trade

If you have any background or experience as above please feel free to contact us as a candidate.
Should you have any question, intention or resume you could send email to HR manager: hr[at]