• Frequently Asked Questions

    About Orders & Prices

    How can I place an order?
    Call our office at +86 21 60871031, or email to info@fanpharma.com. We will contact you shortly with one of our customer service representatives.

    When will my purchase orders are accepted?
    Ordinary your PO will be confirmed and accepted within 24 hours. Upon received your PO by telephone or email we will send you email back to confirm your PO with price, estimated shipping date, etc.

    How can I pay for my order?
    We accept payment by T/T (bank wire), L/C. You could also use Western Union or PayPal for small amount payment.
    We welcome repeat clients with good payment history to apply for credit. Please contact us for a credit application form.

    How can I place my order if I’m not familiar with international imports?
    FanPharma have skillful team for international shipment operations.
    We could supply door to door serve (DDU/DDP terms) for your orders. All you need is sign for your cargo in front of your warehouse.

    Can you ship us only 25kg?
    Sure we could handle 25kg and even less quantity for our customers. FanPharma could not grow so fast by declining small orders.
    We are big enough to serve you large amount of raw material needs and small enough for your trial production requirements.
    Regardless of your existing or start up projects, FanPharma is always your reliable and full source raw material supplier.

    Can you give us a fixed price for our repeat orders, or accept a blanked order?
    FanPharma welcome customers to place blanket orders to lower risk of price fluctuates and reduce funding pressure.
    Customers could be supported with fixed price (or given fluctuated price) and customized release schedule with one blanket order.
    It saves much time and cost to get cargo from one source on one transaction.
    Same lot requirement for all shipment in one blanket order is available.

    What is your Return Policy? 
    Your satisfaction is very important to us.
    FanPharma will unconditionally accept returns on any product that does not meet the specification sheet we provided before and during the sale.
    If there are any problems with the product you received please contact your customer service representative within 10 days of receiving your goods. Our people will help you arrange returning or replacing issues.

    I’m an individual not a company. Can I order from you?
    Sorry currently we only supply bulk raw materials to manufacturers and qualified distributors, not to individual.

    About Products & Quality

    Are your ingredients irradiated?
    No. we use steam sterilization and other proper treatment to ensure the safety and purity of our ingredients.

    Do you test products in third party lab?
    All products will be released only after factory test pass. Meanwhile we issue random inspection by third party laboratory to ensure our products in stable quality.
    All products ID are tested before production, which could help us to deliver our customers the highest quality ingredients at the lowest possible prices.

    Can you maintain the same quality for our repeat orders?
    FanPharma has been doing our best to supply best products in stable quality and affordable price to our customers.
    Same lot products could be supplied if requested.
    For repeat order customers we would recommend placing blanked order on us for lower purchase prices and stable supply.

    What products can you offer?
    FanPharma supply qualified botanical extracts for use in dietary supplements, food & beverage, personal care & cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  Our top selling ingredients include: Apple Extract Series (Apple Polyphenols 80%), EGCG 95%,  Reb-A Pure (min. 97% of Reb-A, Stevia Extract), Fannuxy® Bilberry Extract of European origin,  Blueberry Extract (alternative source of European Bilberry Extract), Green Tea Leaf Extract Series , Goji Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract quintozene-free, Resveratrol(Grape source included), Centella Asiatica Extract (madecassoside, asiaticoside), Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract.
    We are also developing microencapsulation botanical ingredients for better activity/absorption for our customers.

    Can you supply us products in tablet forms?
    FanPharma could supply products in tablet, hard capsule and soft capsule form with custom package, custom blends is also available. All of the manufacturing are handled in GMP certified facilities.
    FanPharma is your complete source for botanical extracts and powders.

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