Partnership and Network

FanPharma is established to meet high increasing demand for quality natural ingredients. From single ingredient to blends & granulation of botanicals, FanPharma is here to assure you always reliable and affordable ingredients.

We care your success
We at FanPharma are committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality botanical  ingredients to help you success.

Backed by qualified growers and suppliers, experienced and hardworking staffs, FanPharma is here to support you in your business with best quality ingredients and service. We are your reliable partner in ingredients supplying and solutions.

We believe only quality raw material give out quality finished products. FanPharma make regular and careful steps to make sure the products our customers receiving are the best quality: plants and ingredients identification (HP-TLC/HPLC), sample retention, regular and random test of incoming products, independent laboratory testing.

FanPharma set strict requirements to our growers and vendors. We make relevant audits for the new growers and vendors. Annual evaluation is required for approved growers and vendors.

We value and dedicated to build and maintain partnership with our growers and vendors, and their sustainable development. We seek success of our customers as well as success life cycle of our growers and vendors.