White Bean Extract: a new study support its function in weight management

The white bean extract (white kidney bean extract), in a recent report published in the journal Obesity, lead to an average weight loss of 2.91kg compared with 0.92 kg in the placebo group .
During the weight loss maintenance phase, 36 out of 49 subjects (73.5%) were able to maintain their weight, even without dietary restrictions.
No serious or related adverse events were reported over the combined period of 36 weeks.

Obesity and diabetes are among the diseases that that have been defined as “lifestyle disease” in the word today. It was only in only in recent decades that obesity and being overweight were considered epidemic issues.

Mechanism of White Bean Extract
Carbohydrates are a main source of dietary calories in the overweight and obese. In order to be absorbed by the body, carbohydrates are broken down into monosaccharides. Two major enzymes catalyze this process: amylase and glucosidase.
White bean extract contain amylase inhibitors and could bind to alpha-amylase which will lead to inhibiting starch digestion and weight loss naturally and safely.

In scientist research people taking white bean extract experienced a decrease in fat volume, but don’t lose lean muscle mass.

As the keen interest in seeking a safe and effective weight management treatment, White Bean Extract is an idea natural source of weight management active ingredients.

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