Sodium hyaluronate (HA) has a good compatibility and could be added to almost any aqueous cosmetics. The characteristics of large molecular wegiht and high viscosity make HA has a relevantly slowly dissolving speed.

Following factors could affect dissolve speed of HA:

  • Molucular weight and target solution: Generally, the higher of molecular weight and the higher of concentration, the slower the dissolve speed. Regular suggested concentration is 0.5%-1.0%.
  • Hot water:  to dissolve HA in hot water (60℃-80℃) is much easier and faster than HA dissolve in cold water.
  • Rate of feeding: it takes time for HA to fully dissolve in water. Spreading dispersed completely when feeding will greatly increase dissolve speed. It could avoid lumpy at much cases.
  • Type of stirring method: proper stirring in process of adding HA powder to solution could save a lot of dissolve time.

Note when prepareing solution and formulating:

  1. A pure water or distilled water should be used to dissolve HA to avoid any affect on solution clarity.
  2. Sodium hyaluronate is a kind of biology polysaccharide. Use it up upon preparing the solution to prevent potential contaminated when using next time. Or proper preservative should be used to avoid microbial contamination.
  3. Not to mix with cationic surface active agent to avoid occurance of turbid or precipitate.
  4. Sodium hyaluronate is extremely hygroscopic. Please keep the container tightly closed in dry and low temperature (2℃-10℃)